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2023 Annual Report

2023 University Project

Publication Design 

My first submission for Publication Design aimed to create a captivating aesthetic by blending a dark and professional tone with the incorporation of glass and coloured light imagery. Balancing professionalism and fun, I carefully crafted the typographic hierarchy using Paralucent for headers and pull quotes, and Semplicita Pro for body copy, ensuring justified alignment for symmetrical appeal. To infuse a touch of creativity, I added manipulated text as imagery for select headings, adding an element of funkiness to the design.

A standout highlight of the project was the creation of the "2023 at a Glance" page, where I had the freedom to explore approaches to displaying information and data. Utilizing 3D spheres with a coppery texture, I crafted an infographic that exuded a planetary ambience, seamlessly complementing the overall concept and style of the document.

While reflecting on the project, I realize that I may have gone a little overboard with the "fun" elements. If I were to revisit a similar project in the future, I would scale back that aspect of the design. However, I am still extremely pleased with the outcome as it successfully pushed me to work outside of my comfort zone, which was my goal for this project.

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