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Brewpub Crawl

University Assignment

2022 Typography for Print & Interactive Publication 

For my university assignment, I embarked on creating a pocketbook guide for a brewpub crawl in Collingwood. My goal was to craft a highly stylized and accessible experience, combining professionalism with a fun atmosphere. The target audience encompassed individuals of all genders, ranging from their mid-20s to 30s, who sought an enjoyable pub crawl in Melbourne's inner suburbs.

With meticulous curation, I selected four craft beer brewpubs to showcase their drinks, food, atmosphere, and unique selling points. The guide offers valuable information on nearby public transport options, promoting responsible alcohol consumption and ensuring a convenient day out. The entire journey spans 3.4 kilometres and is best experienced in one day for maximum enjoyment.

To ensure portability, I designed the guide as a pocket-sized booklet that could effortlessly accompany one's phone. By incorporating QR codes, the user is provided easy access to Google Maps routes and each venue's website, offering additional information as desired. The design itself features digitally illustrated elements, creating a vibrant, fun, and inclusive aesthetic that resonates with a diverse target audience while maintaining functionality and readability.

For typography, I selected the Glodok Display typeface, which exuded a funky, round, and retro-inspired style. It worked seamlessly as imagery, capturing attention and adding visual interest. Additionally, I opted for the Lato sans-serif typeface, known for its blend of professionalism and fun, making it an ideal choice for the Collingwood Brewpub Crawl project.

To enhance the visual impact of the headings and unleash typography as imagery, I overlaid and manually connected two sets of each title. This technique introduced dynamism and injected more colour into each spread, resulting in captivating text.

Drawing on my artistic skills, I digitally illustrated maps using Procreate. By tracing road screenshots from Google Maps and carefully placing each element, I ensured the maps were both accurate and visually appealing. Furthermore, I created illustrative elements depicting hops, hop leaves, and barley wheat, paying homage to the primary ingredients of beer. These elements, also crafted using Procreate, added depth and richness to the design, further immersing readers in the brewpub crawl experience.

The final outcome of my project successfully captured the essence of the Collingwood brewpub crawl, delivering an immersive and visually enticing guide. Through my designs, I aimed to encourage exploration and enjoyment within this vibrant and beer-centric neighbourhood, ensuring a memorable experience for all pub crawl enthusiasts.

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