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2023 University Project

Design for Production


In this project, I developed packaging for a collection of three craft-able beanies targeting the contemporary crochet market. The theoretical package includes yarn, a crochet hook, and an instructional manual. The design, inspired by the popularity of crochet post-2020 pandemic, focuses on a modern, artistic, and typography-centric approach.

Branded as Kit & Co., the concise name carries a dual meaning, referencing a collection of tools and a fox species, providing an intriguing foundation for visual identity. A badge-style design, featuring a 19-stitch crochet circle pattern, creates a harmonious and versatile brand mark.

Typography choices evolved from an initial inclination towards elegance to a graffiti-style typeface, Subway NewYork Std, for sub-branding. This font's playful yet distinctive character inspired potential illustrations and seamlessly blended with the chosen colour palette. Brother 1816, another font, provided contrast and readability for various text elements.

Images, created using Procreate and Illustrator, complement the graffiti-style sub-branding and colour schemes, emphasizing contrast and novelty. Practical beanie patterns, crafted with Adobe Illustrator and leveraging knowledge of the 9 times tables, play a significant role in shaping the overall design, showcasing the uniqueness of the first product.

The project challenged me to diverge from my usual style, incorporating a touch of edginess into the design. Valuable insights into document layout and printing setup were gained, resulting in a final design that balances visual clarity, enjoyment, and contrast—a perfect fit for upscale gift shops.

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