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During my time working in the stunning Richmond venue, the National Hotel, I was excited to integrate the communication design needs of the business into my role as a function coordinator.

Working with the assets, fonts, and branding provided by the group, I embarked on a mission to enhance and, in many cases, completely revamp various elements such as posters, menus, and web assets.

This endeavour was not merely about design; it was about creating a more polished and effective means of communication. The transformation of these materials enabled a clearer, more professional, and distinctly on-brand delivery of information to both stakeholders and customers.

By strategically utilizing the established assets and injecting fresh design thinking, I not only fulfilled the communication requirements of the business but also contributed to elevating its visual presence. The process allowed me to seamlessly integrate the established brand identity into every piece, ensuring a cohesive and impactful message across different channels.

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