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Image Making

2021 University Project

Experimental Image-Making Processes

Throughout this assignment, I explore various sub-genres of soul music and their influence on my creative outcomes. Each sub-genre, including disco, funk, nu-disco, and psychedelic funk, inspires two unique experiments.

In the DISCO sub-genre, I create a self-portrait capturing the colourful and retro aspects of disco. Inspired by Grace Jones, I incorporate a banana phone image, conveying the seductive and campy nature of disco. In a collage experiment, I combine untouched photographs from the 70s with digital editing, creating a relaxed composition that represents the carefree spirit of the era.

For FUNK, I explore the complex nature of the genre through a kaleidoscope photograph and an oil pastel illustration. The kaleidoscope image visually dances to the groove, representing the trippy and psychedelic elements of funk. The oil pastel artwork, with its earthy tones and rugged texture, embodies the hard work and self-reliance emphasized in funk album artworks.

In the NU-DISCO subgenre, I experiment with melted crayons and crochet patterns. The mixed media piece combines the nostalgia of the 70s with the energetic and theatrical nature of nu-disco. I melt crayons and incorporate a record into the artwork, creating a bright and colourful composition. The crochet experiment showcases the beauty of patterns, with primary colours standing out against earthy tones, resulting in a highly textured composition.

In the PSYCHEDELIC FUNK genre, I employ acrylic paint and water marbling techniques. The acrylic artwork portrays the conceptual and fun-loving nature of psychedelic funk through free-flowing lines and bright colours. The water marbling and digital illustration combine physical and digital art, creating a hypnotic composition that invites the viewer into the psychedelic world of funk.

Through these experimental image-making processes, I sought to capture the essence of each sub-genre and express their unique characteristics in visually captivating and evocative ways.

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