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2021 University Project

Typography for Print & Interactive Publication 

"Happy Trails" is a printed guide that invites Hawthorn locals to explore nearby nature reserves, parks, and trails during the 5-kilometre lockdown. This designerly approach captures the essence of the 2021 lockdown experience, offering exciting photography and visuals.

Aimed at mid to late-twenties Melbournians seeking new outdoor experiences, "Happy Trails" features destinations within a 5-kilometre radius of Hawthorn, suitable for biking or walking. The guide provides information on parking, bike usability, and public transport options, ensuring convenience and accessibility. Visit each location on separate days to fully enjoy the two-hour outdoor exercise limit.

This guidebook offers relevant information for a convenient visit to the four selected locations, with paths ultimately linked for future exploration. Designed as a sleek A5 publication, it consolidates research, fits in a backpack or handbag, and takes a designerly approach to the Australian nature guide genre. Specific parking and public transport options are included, allowing readers to appreciate the native Aboriginal land along the trails.

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