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2023 University Project

Publication Design 

In my second submission for Publication Design, I explore themes such as craftivism, design activism, gender, domestic culture, everyday life, handicrafts, DIY, and community. Inspired by the article "Quiet Activism and the New Amateur" (Hackney, 2013), the project aims to convey a story that celebrates femininity, creativity, and the enduring value of crafting in the modern world.

The typographical treatment balances femininity and funkiness, with double-layered headings and matching coloured subheadings. The body copy is designed to be clean, modern, and fun, bringing clarity and a contemporary feel to the document.

Throughout the project, crocheted shapes are incorporated as decorative elements, weaving a narrative that follows the construction of a garment.

I find myself incredibly proud of the final document, as it showcases my skills and passion for publication design, image making and fibre arts.

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